With due respect, I take this great honor to first introduce to you Rainforest Fields of Life before I continue with more works. Rainforest fields of life is an agribusiness enterprise which is as well a community based organisation. We have a resived agricultural design process that that has helped farmers meet human needs whilst ‘enhancing’ development, reducing our impact on the environment and creating fairer communities for us all. Members are transforming communities with agribusiness activities.

We also offer educational programs that promote self sufficient sustainability through the instruction, demonstration and practice of agribusiness principles in uganda. Throughout the year, our education and demonstration centers host various living experiences. We welcome individuals and groups interested in gaining sustainable knowledge through exposure at the working partner-farm which we haved strived to develop as a carefully designed agribusiness environment.

To be continued…



Banana is a staple food to most Ugandans today because of its nutritional content, affordability and availability.  Almost it is mostly grown in western Uganda and highly consumed in central Uganda plus other parts. it has become a food of all seasons that you can’t a traditional ceremony without banana part of the menu. today let’s look at how one can establish and manage a commercial and smart banana plantation.


Before starting your plantation, make sure you have a plan in the mind of what, how,  when and where to do it.

First you must clear all bushes, trees and unnecessary vegetation around your garden.

Then plough, after that, do the pegging and measure your piece of land and mark the planting points with the plant spacing.

Make planting holes of 2ft deep and 3ft wide to allow enough feeding room for the banana stool. from plant to plant, it should be 10*10ft or 15*15ft only if there are intentions of intercropping with coffee. Therefore, an acre will give you 450holes. After making round holes, mix the top soil with manure like poultry droppings or cow dung and put back the mixture leaving 1/2ft uncovered for mulching, watering and feeding purposes.

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on the farm

Rainforest farm will be set up in Rushenyi ntungamo district and it will be a special place. Through the practicing farmers, families will care for soils, plants, animals and one another, The farm will provide a problem-rich environment for problem-based learning.